Depressive Disorders

Dealing With Depression

Find a Way Out of the Depression That Affects Your Life
If depression has control over your life, get help at Salem Counseling Center PC. We offer personal, confidential treatment for general depression and bipolar disorders.

Whether your depression is situational, such as the effects of a loss or a significant change in your life, or more physically or chemically based, relief is possible.

Handling Your Grief

Don’t Let Loss or Trauma Put Your Life on Hold
Although you know it’s true that grief comes to everyone, you also know it’s true that people can have trouble dealing with loss. If grief is impacting your life, get personal and professional help from Salem Counseling Center PC.

Get Confidential Care for All Kinds of Personal Grief

You may be experiencing grief from a wide range of sources, some of them related to death and others related to permanent changes in your life and relationships.

  • Bereavement

  • Loss

  • Trauma

  • Loss of a pet

At Salem Counseling Center PC, we take your grief seriously and will help you discover the means of understanding it and making it a part of life you can deal with